The Product


Recycled Plastic Panels (RPP) represent a new benchmark for industrial fencing and cladding standards, transforming construction-site enclosure management from a labour-intensive, time-consuming necessity into an ecologically responsible, socially beneficial initiative.

Formed from lightweight, fire-proof, fully recyclable materials, our products not only reduce transportation, installation, manpower and insurance costs, but also provide an aesthetically unobtrusive architectural presence, dovetailing neatly with modern urban landscapes.

RPP retain their original, smooth appearance far longer than their steel or chip-board predecessors, reducing the likelihood of panel damage and consequent repair costs whilst also increasing public safety.

Independent test results show that the unique structure of RPP – specially developed to actively absorb soundwaves – commonly returns a 25 decibel reduction in noise pollution – an increasingly important consideration for building contractors undertaking projects in densely populated areas.

Perhaps the most significant technological advance introduced by our products is the increased potential to generate advertising revenue with minimal set-up costs. Due to the exceptionally smooth contours provided by their outer surfaces RPP readily accept the application of large-format, transfer-printed or vinyl-cut designs – an advertising medium that is far less prone to accidental damage or natural deterioration than conventional, paper-based display graphics.


  • Durable and robust
  • Quick to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Excellent platform for advertising

Features summary


individually tensioned interlocking sections ensure a firm, reliable barrier.


no danger to public safety from jagged edges or sharp corners.


maximum density of 5.76Kg/m2 allows swift assembly/repair.


available in lengths of up to 5m, can be adapted to neatly enclose any given area.


up to 34mm thick, offering very high tensile strength and impact resistance.



incombustible composition protects against heat and fire damage.


unique structure effectively reduces noise pollution.



formed from recyclable materials; a truly ‘green’ product.

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