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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Perimeters uPVC hoarding cost effective compared to timber hoarding?

Not only is Perimeters uPVC hoarding cost effective, but it also often works out more economical once the disposal costs and reinstatement costs associated with timber hoarding are applied. Please contact us for a comparable quotations on both.


Does Perimeters uPVC hoarding look like timber hoarding?

Perimeters uPVC hoarding provides a superior finish to timber hoarding and is a far more aesthetically pleasing product. Please contact us for pictures and local case studies.


Is the product recycled?

Perimeters uPVC hoarding is manufactured from recycled plastic, and reused by team over a number of years, before being sent on for recycling again, creating a closed loop of recycling


Can you install Perimeters uPVC hoarding without digging into the ground?

Perimeters uPVC hoarding can be supplied our specialist on-ground kentledge system which can be used in conjunction with dug in hoarding. This provides a safe alternative to digging into the ground where services are present.


Can we attach graphics to the hoarding?

Perimeters uPVC hoarding provides an excellent canvas for all types of graphics due to its smooth aesthetically pleasing finish. Please contact us for more details.


Is the Perimeters uPVC hoarding rented?

Perimeters uPVC hoarding is a hired product. We use our own high experienced teams to install, rent and remove of our own hoarding for a one stop price. As standard we quote to cover the initial 12months rental, however this can be tailored to suit any period required.


Can you install fencing?

Perimeters (UK) Ltd is part of Topan Fencing Ltd, a leading national fence installer. Please visit for more details.